Citigroup Cool Move: WFH Vibes for the Holidays

Citigroup Cool Move: WFH Vibes for the Holidays

Hey Citigroup crew, guess what? The big shots just dropped the news: You’re getting a sweet two-week break from the office grind! Remote work vibes all the way until the end of December. But hold up—this year’s remote deal has a bit of spice. With CEO Jane Fraser shaking things up in the big reorganization, there’s some job jitters mixed in with the holiday cheer.


Citigroup Says, “No Office, No Problem!”

Citigroup peeps, get ready to trade your desk for the couch! From Monday to December 29, you’ve got the green light to work from the comfort of your home sweet home. Say goodbye to the office hustle for the rest of 2023. Why? Well, it’s the holiday season, and Citigroup is dishing out some chill time and a break from the commute grind.

Citigroup Cool Move: WFH Vibes for the Holidays

Citigroup, You’re in Luck: Majority of Citigroup’s Crew Can Stay Home:

If you’re rocking the hybrid work life at Citigroup, this news is for you. The home office holiday deal goes out to the majority of the bank’s 240,000 employees who are all about that hybrid work style. Office schmoffice—you can log in from your cozy spot at home.


Job Uncertainty in the Mix: CEO’s Plan Called Bora Bora Adds Drama:

But hold on to your laptops because here comes the plot twist. While Citigroup spreads the remote work joy, there’s a bit of tension in the air. Why? CEO Jane Fraser is cooking up a corporate makeover, and they’re calling it Bora Bora. Unlike last year’s holiday remote vibes, this time, there’s a side of job uncertainty on the menu. The big review is set to wrap up by March, leaving folks wondering about the fate of their gigs.


Corporate Shake-Up Chronicles: Goodbyes and Bye-Bye to Municipal Bonds:

Bora Bora isn’t a vacation—it’s a serious business shuffle. Execs are waving goodbye, and there’s even a farewell to the municipal bond biz. The corporate makeover is no secret, and Citigroup is gearing up to spill the beans on severance expenses tied to the project—not just once but twice, first in January and then in April.


A Year of Ups and Downs: Citigroup’s HR Chief Spreads Holiday Cheers:

Reflecting on the rollercoaster of 2023, Citigroup’s HR Chief dropped a memo last week, bringing some holiday vibes. Acknowledging the uncertainty in the air, the memo wished everyone a break from the commute grind while urging them to stay focused on wrapping up the year. It’s a mix of festive warmth and corporate mysteries.


Conclusion: Remote Holidays with a Dash of Corporate Mystery:

As Citigroup peeps switch from office chairs to home office comfort this holiday season, there’s a blend of festive joy and a sprinkle of corporate mystery in the air. Bora Bora has set the stage for change, and while the hybrid workers soak in the remote vibes, the lingering question of job security adds a twist to the holiday season. Here’s to a remote and reflective holiday at Citigroup!